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100% Native - Built on Salesforce.com 2Xoffice_Salesforce.com_AppExchange_Partner

Same user interface, dashboard reporting and security. 

Expedite Commerce Billing

Intuitive yet powerful

An amazingly intuitive application suite that lets you bill the way you want to. Offering recurring billing, deliverable-based billing, or time billing allows you the flexibility to bill with ease.

Expedite Commerce Billing Offers:

  • Invoicing based on any billing type
  • Management of monthly recurring agreements
  • Time and deliverable based billing

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Billing and Invoicing

Expedite Commerce leverages Salesforce.com

Leverage the industry leader

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform.  Leveraging one, all-encompassing, and completely open customer platform. Worry less about your applications and focus on your customers. Sales people stay focused on selling and not on internal systems.

Great platform features like:

  • Enterprise social collaboration
  • Electronic approvals and workflow
  • Email integration
  • Analytics and dashboards

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Recurring Billing

Track and manage your monthly recurring agreements. Let the system manage monthly billing and your renewals. If some of your fees charged are usage-based, talk to us about how we can support your needs.

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Deliverable-based Billing

Manage your deliverable-based billing in the system. Let our Project package help you make good on your promise. And see how the billing can happen automatically when the job is done.

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time card billing

Time-based Billing

Manage your timecard-based billing in the system. Let our Time package help you track and approve your resource time. And see how the billing can happen automatically on regular intervals you set.

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