• Configure Price Quote CPQ Solution

100% Native - Built on Salesforce.com 2Xoffice_Salesforce.com_AppExchange_Partner

Same user interface, dashboard reporting and security. 

Expedite Commerce CPQ

Intuitive yet powerful

An amazingly intuitive application suite that lets your sales team breeze through the quoting process and deliver beautifully branded and consistent proposals that insure your unique sales message is delivered with every proposal. Providing you real time information to better manage your business.

Expedite Commerce CPQ Offers:

  • Guided selling
  • Product configurator
  • Proposal generator                                        
  • User friendly administration console
  • Works seamlessly with Sales Cloud

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Expedite Commerce leverages Salesforce.com

Leverage the industry leader

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform.  Leveraging one, all-encompassing, and completely open customer platform. Worry less about your applications and focus on your customers. Sales people stay focused on selling and not on internal systems.

Great platform features like:

  • Enterprise social collaboration 
  • Electronic approvals and workflows                        
  • Email integration
  • Analytics and dashboards

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Increase Deal Size

Increase Deal Size

Sales people are prompted to suggest cross sell recommendations based on predefined rules.

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Improve Quote Accuracy

Improve Quote Accuracy

Everything from product information, configurations options and pricing rules is instantaneously updated and available.

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Reduce Proposal Time

Beautifully branded proposals generated right form your system with discounts electronically approved. 

Manage Complex Products

Waiting for another department to generate a quote is a thing of the past.  All product rules and constraints are easily configured.

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Simplify Quote Process

Brings organization and tracking to third party quotes.  Integrate pricing discretely or as a PDF.

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Ramp Salespeople Faster

Cuts your sales onboarding and lets a new player quickly become effective like your A-players.

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