How to Improve Your Service Cycle Time | 4 Ways

improve your service cycle time

The service cycle is the entire process from lead generation to the service being rendered and the ensuring the client is satisfied with the work done. For any service-based business, having a shorter service cycle means that you obtain more sales from more leads, leading to greater revenues and a more profitable business.

There are various ways to improve your cycle by making it more efficient and ensuring that everything is working optimally. Below are a few tips that you can use to improve your service cycle time:

#1 Make sure you’re chasing the right leads.

If your agents are spending most of their time convincing their leads that your services are useful, it’s likely that you’re targeting the wrong group. Having quality leads means having people who are already open to the idea of your service and don’t need much convincing. When generating new leads, classify them according to how likely they are to make a purchase and then focus on the most likely group first, and then generate new leads. Don’t waste your time and energy on leads that fall within demographics that don’t have a need for your services, and be thorough in your leads analysis, including aspects such as age, income and even education level to make your next lead selection a smart one.

#2 Consider your marketing strategy.

If customers seem reluctant to close the deal, it may be that you’ve chosen the wrong demographic for your service, or it may be that your current marketing strategy is ever over-used or simply ineffective. Consider changing up your marketing approach by advertising on another channel that is more likely to reach potential customers. An advertising agency or outside marketing consultant can provide invaluable advice and also give you a better idea of whether your current strategy is working or not. Of course, make sure that you select an agency that knows your field and has a proven track record of successful marketing strategies.

#3 Is your staff properly trained?

Having staff that can provide the service is an efficient manner is essential to improving your service cycle time. Take the time to train your staff properly so that new staff doesn’t lag behind and slow the process down. Also, have your staff identify areas where they think improvements can be made, and if possible implement these improvements and evaluate performance. This will help the staff feel engaged in the service cycle process and may help shorten your service cycle, as they become more productive.

#4 Wherever possible, use automation.

If you have repeat customers who know exactly what they want, have an automated channel that they can use to request their service without having to speak to a service representative. This frees up your representatives to focus on acquiring new leads and closing sales instead of dealing with existing customers who don’t need as much attention. Also take a look at the service you’re providing, and see if there are any steps that can be easily automated without too much disruption to the process.


The best way to improve your service cycle is to review each of the component parts of the cycle and come up with ways to make it more efficient. Engage your employees in the process, since they are on the front lines, and their experience can be crucial when it comes to identifying any problem areas that can be addressed and providing novel solutions. Ensuring that your service cycle runs optimally will also ensure that your sales cycle is shortened, leading to increased revenue and production, as well as improved customer relations and goodwill. 

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