Why Online Orders Will Speed Up Your Sales | 3 Major Reasons


You want your sales to be high in volume and processed quickly and easily. You need your salespeople to be both empowered and competent enough to do their jobs effectively without constant oversight. And you need all this at an affordable price. What can you do to improve your business in these ways, as well as improving your reporting and analytics? Online ordering isn't the answer to every problem, but the right implementation of an online ordering system can have a dramatic influence on speeding up your sales, for a number of reasons.

1 Improved Quote and Reporting Accuracy

Everything your salespeople need to know is at hand on their system, from the basic product information and pricing to configuration options and whatever input they need from every department. Whenever they provide a quote or other piece of information, all the data they enter and the quotes they generate will go back into the system immediately, providing you with real-time reporting on both sales and service delivery. With this oversight at your disposal you can take a much more hands-off approach to your salespeople, confident that you can review everything as it happens without needing to interfere with them as they work.

2 Simplifying Product Management and the Quote Process

One of the key features of a modern, online sales system that directly helps your salespeople is the fact that everything you do can be integrated and accessed from a single workstation. There is no need for your salesperson to call another department to get a quote from them - it can be remotely generated in seconds, and is accessible on their computer. Whatever the complexity of the product they will have all the information needed, from the simplest order to the most complicated service you provide. This also helps to organize third-party quotes and integrate them seamlessly into your own system, meaning you can streamline the entire process from start to finish without needing to put customers on hold while further calls are made and quotes are sourced. Instead, with just a few clicks of the mouse, everything can be on your employee's screen.

3 Helps to Guide and Improve Salespeople

In addition to the above, the guidance you can provide to your salespeople is very powerful in helping to bring them up to the highest standards. On-screen information will help take them through the process to ensure they don't overlook anything. Deals can be applied electronically and automatically, or you can set up messages that have your salespeople bring the deals up. In the same vein, you can place reminders to ensure they recommend cross-selling where it is appropriate. All of this ensures they are reliable and accurate, that they need your input and advice much less frequently, and ultimately helps you ramp salespeople faster than ever before.

With the initial burst of economic potential from the Internet now largely behind us, we have entered a phase where efficiency and innovation are equally important. Online sales are critical in the modern world no matter your industry, but you need to make it a streamlined, convenient process for everyone involved if you're going to make the most of it.


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