Why NASDAQ Growth Companies Use Online Terms & Conditions


The NASDAQ has always been filled with the kinds of companies that do not like to follow too many rules. But in some cases, a rule sort of appears and makes itself just because this is how companies like to operate. In the case of online terms and conditions, this is very true. The fastest growing companies have neither the time nor the inclination to waste paper, so they put their terms and conditions online for efficiency's sake.

Easier to Edit

Editing terms and conditions can be a serious chore. If you have ever had to edit a document like this, it is full of legalese and is extremely explicit. Part of the reason for this is because the terms and conditions are meant to stave off legal liability. While the usefulness of this may be a little dubious, no one can claim that they weren't warned if worse goes to worst. One of the best parts about keeping your terms and conditions online is that they are easy to edit.

This is not about trying to pull a "bait and switch" to hustle someone. This is about being able to edit just the sections that need it. In cases where a company needs to send out a physical copy of its terms, making even a small edit means that you have to print and distribute the entire thing all over again. When you release your terms via the Web, you can release only the new section and have your customers review and agree to it on its own. This can make the whole situation easier for everyone involved.

Faster to Implement

The speed of implementation has a definite correlation with the speed of a company's growth. The faster you can bring something useful to bear, the better positioned you can be when you need it the most. If your terms are not available online, finding and getting a copy of them can be a hassle that is very time consuming. In many cases, this can even lead to missing out on implementation because of the need to enlist help or outside services.

Consider how long it takes to produce a new physical set of terms and conditions. Generally this requires printing up the whole set. However, this can be cut down into small pieces and simply sent piecemeal in an email if most of the terms have not changed but a few have. Since you can use email or even a text message to send the terms, implementation becomes even faster.

Saves Paper

Paper is both expensive and environmentally unfriendly to use, particularly in large quantities. When you have to print up and distribute entire copies of your terms and conditions, this can use a lot of trees. Firstly, this is a lot of waste because most people just throw away the pages when they are done with them. Secondly, this amount of printing consumes a huge amount of power, ink and fuel when the pages get delivered. Having your terms and conditions be online is simply a better idea from an environmental perspective. Less wastefulness generally means more rapid growth.

Saves Employee and Customer Time

Employees should be spending their time devising brilliantly innovative solutions, and customers should be spending their time buying and enjoying their merchandise. When your employees are handling large numbers of copies of the terms and conditions, they are not innovating. In the same vein, your ustomers are not buying when they are handling these copies.

Using online terms and conditions is lean and effective. This is why the fastest growing companies do this.

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